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New GingaEiDen anime!!!

Wow, for the seiyuu.
The character design, IDK, I think it’s OK…?
I like it, though.

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Gunvolt NS

Does this mean…
Finally I got some interesting title for Switch!?

Love the Rockman style…
But I always sucks at games lije thiiisss ^^;;;

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Shen Mue III, Will You Be OK??

Years ago, Shen-Mue was a WOW.
I mean, the gameplay, the art, the character designs, everything is new for gamers that era!

But then, Dreamcast is dead, and so this poor series has to goe to eternal sleep…

Lately, SEGA seems has plan to revive this title. I’m sooo happy because it seems Sony PS4 will be one of the platform!!


I reaaaaally can’t say I’m exited, since the trailer shows that the character’s looks soo…BAD.

I mean, like, seriously? The scenery, the background, ENVIRONMENT!! Everything is so ‘made for next-gen consoles’, but the CHARACTERS EXPERSSIONS!!

The best way to sum this up is to recite a very famous quote from Kotaku. “Looks like ass”.

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Looks Promising…?


TBH, I didn’t really exited about this title…until THIS trailer!!!
Well, I DO love Kamui, what do you expected?
I just hope my local game shop will have it…

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New promising (yuri?) light novel!!

暗黒のゼーヴェノア 1 (ブックブラスト)

They even make PV for this title!!

But the question is…

Not to say the price is kinda wallet-killer…

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